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Lift While We Climb

Professor Kareem Hertzog is an educational consultant who activates future leaders to live their dreams.

Professor Kareem Hertzog,

Professor and Consultant

I’m an Educator and Survival Entrepreneur that is passionate about community empowerment. I hold an MBA from Hult International Business School. As an Adjunct Professor for over a decade my grassroots approach has enabled me to earn numerous plaudits. Helping others get out of the starter’s block is extremely gratifying.

I know that making the right education choice is hard.

I help students choose the right courses and help aspiring business owners choose the right path into entrepreneurship. My mission is to activate people towards their career goals, the easy way. With my approach, everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.

    Services Offered:

    I help educational institutions grow and develop to better meet student and community needs.

    I work with administrators and teachers to improve systems and push student achievement in the right direction.
    Speaking Engagements, from the United Nations to colleges and universities around the world I motivate our youth and provide words of encouragement to empower our future leaders.
    Focusing on social entrepreneurship, educating young men of color, living abroad, justice 4 all.
    Educators need to be lifelong learners. We help teachers and administrators identify continuing education opportunities so they can better serve their students.
    Curriculum development my programs include educational leadership training and opportunities to increase developmental skills.Top 10 Countries (no order)

    Professor Hertzog’s Career

    Top 10 Countries


    Lived there for 3 years, taught English, built up Japanese Language proficiency, birthplace of Tokyo Reem, origin of International Hip hop performances.

    United Arab Emirates

    Earned first Master’s (MBA), began studying Arabic.


    First trip to the Motherland.


    Toured pyramids, first camel ride.


    First International Cannabis Expo.


    One of the earliest Habitat for Humanity Builds, first time paragliding off a cliff in Goa.


    First authentic Cannabis Coffee shop experience.


    First International Marketing/Event Planning experiences.


    Worked as a consultant with Formula-1 Grand Prix.


    Habitat for Humanity Builds, introduction to Mai Tai fighting.

    Top 10 States

    New York

    Born and raised in Long Island. Currently residing in Harlem, family in The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

    New Jersey

    Origin of early Cannabis advocacy and activism.


    Love meeting up with my people from Asia in Cali! Met my long term business partner at NBA All Star Weekend (2005)


    Origin point of We Can’t Breathe speaking engagements.

    Washington DC

    Guest Lecturer Howard University Blavatnik Warner Music.


    Mother’s Hometown, origin of multiple Business ventures.


    Worked at multiple Cannabis Expos.


    Attended undergrad and first official out of state Hip hop performances.


    Recorded first rap album.

    South Carolina

    Converting property into farmland.

      Board Memberships and Affiliate Businesses

      Yaffa Cultural Arts Inc.

      Board Member, 2018 – Present

      Track Star Tutoring Inc.

      Board Member, 2014 – Present

      NY de Volunteer Inc.

      Advisory Board Member, 2009 – 2015

      We Can’t Breathe Inc.

      Director of Operations

      Cannabis U

      Cannabis Information and Education Advisor



      Loyola University of Maryland, Sellinger School of Business
      Graduated with Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)Management Information Systems (Major)Asian Studies (Minor)


      Japan Exchange Teaching (JET) Program
      Taught English as a second language to middle and elementary school students in Chiba, Japan


      Hult International Business School (HIBS), Dubai UAE Campus
      Graduated with Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business


      Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY)
      Adjunct Professor-Business Department


      City University of New York (CUNY), City College Campus
      Adjunct Professor-Continuing Professional Studies Department


      1 Million For 1 Billion (1M1B) Foundation, Founding Member-United States
      Presented at the United Nations 4 years in a row discussing Social Entrepreneurs with businesses rooted in the Sustainable Development Goals.


      City University of New York (CUNY), City College Campus
      Graduated with Master of Education (MEd)Certification to Teach English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL)
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